+++UPDATE 06/07: After the Government £1.57 billion support package announced, the protest has been postponed+++




A peaceful protest to highlight the government’s failure to support the performing arts sector throughout the Covid 19 pandemic has been organised for this Saturday.

The event will begin at 12 pm at Trafalgar Square and all participants are invited to socially distance during the event.

For more information of the London protest click here.


But London will not be the only place where the protest will take place. More will take place across the UK at the same time with this plan (from the organizers’ website):

1. Performers, theatre workers and supporters to stand outside their local venues (either individually or in socially distanced groups), this can be on the exact day, or done at a time convenient to self.

2. A small ‘performance area’ will be created. Within that area performers, (either individually or in socially distanced groups), will step up to ‘perform’. Their performance will be extremely brief, it may be the start of a joke, song or monologue etc.....however they will stop and bow their heads in silence. Each ‘act’ will continue, each time being just a brief start to something and then stopping. You can do as little or as much as you like.

3. The ‘protests’ will be recorded or live-streamed and shared across social media with the hashtag #canyouhearthepeoplesing (Note: This can be done at any time. We hope to simultaneously be around venues across the UK at the same time, however we are also happy for people to take it in their own stride)

4. Full compliance with current social distancing measures must be adhered too.

5. Please contact the venue you wish to ‘perform’ your protests in front of to get them on board.


Will you be there?