Kiss Chase, written and directed by Hannah Samuels, gathers stories of isolation, anxiety, relationships and abandonment.

Hannah has made a show that is part verbatim and part (most of it) interactive.


If you have ever been to a speed date, you will be familiar with the concept. You will be asked to swap seats:  in one hour you will meet four different people, and you will  play games and answer questions about yourself that, basically, will make you reflect about important topics.


Hosted by Scott Patrick and Rayyah McCaul, the night is fun and flies away fast.


London is the capital of Europe, but for somebody can be also a city of loneliness. I feel lucky to have many good friends and a busy life, but I understand that solitude can be a problem in such a dispersing city.

This hour of unconventional theatre will entertain you and maybe will give you the chance to meet your new best friends. Who knows?

London might be the capital of loneliness, but definitely is the city where the unexpected can happen.