The Great Gatsby is a famous movie with Leonardo di Caprio, that, unfortunately, I never saw.

So, I did not know what to expect going to this immersive theatre experience, and I felt a bit nervous at the beginning. But it lasted only a moment, then it felt like being in a big and joyous party.

Most of the audience is dressed in theme (1920’s) and people are split up in groups so they can accompany the actors that play in different rooms. Everything is very natural, with great use of the space, and most of all you get to know the story even if (like me) you are not familiar with it. I really don’t know how they  are able to keep everyone so well informed of the plot while also taking small groups of us to other rooms, but it really works well.

Being immersive theatre, people are called to help the story, so be prepared.

I was impressed that the actors mingle with the audience even when they are not acting. For example, one of them took me apart and started to talk to me that his wife (in the play, obviously) was probably cheating on him and wanted me to help him to find it out.

There is a great soundtrack, with Charleston classes, cocktails, dancing and first class acting, so dress up, go and say hi for me to Gatsby when you go there.