London is not just a huge metropolis. It’s one of the cities with the most fun, sophisticated nightlife in the world. From nightclubs to bars, casinos and theatres, there is something for everyone.  But if you are looking for a special, stylish night out, you should look no further.  

QT Presents The Green Room, has opened in the basement bar of the luxurious Middle Eight Hotel in Covent Garden and it’s is a sultry, sexy, jazz-infused residency starring Leo Green.  It’s a unique place: beautifully decorated, with marble tables and cabaret-style seating.  

Plenty of choices on the menu: if you like drinking, there is a wide selection of cocktails, wines, prosecco and champagne. But the food is also delicious, with sharing platters loaded with salami, flatbread, cheese and artichokes.  

With a career as a musician that started before he reached the age of 20, Leo Green was described by Robert De Niro as a ’very talented young man’. Rock‘n’Roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis defined him "The greatest sax player I have ever worked with”.

Leo was part of Van Morrison's band for several years, appearing throughout the world in concerts, festivals and theatres. He has worked with an impressive collection of artists (some of them are joining him in The Green Room: you already know that the quality of the music will be unbeatable.) 

Throughout the evening, Leo is on the stage with a group of very talented musicians, two guest female vocalists, West End sensation Emma Hatton and singer-songwriters Tara McDonald and Billy Phillips, all of them with beautiful bluesy voices. New and old songs, but all with Leo’s jazzy, funky and soulful mark. They Cover songs from George Michael, to Bon Jovi, Toto, Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz and many more; there is something for everyone. All the artists seem to have a lot of fun, and Leo’s enthusiasm is contagious - feel free to stand up and dance.  

The Green Room is the must-go destination in London for everyone who loves live music in a wonderful, elegant atmosphere. Nights out don’t get much better than this.  

Every week, from Thursday to Saturday night. More info: here.